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KNOW THYSELF: Self-awareness is one of the key emotional intelligence skills. Those who are self-aware know their strengths and weaknesses and can manage their emotions. They understand how their words and actions affect others, and they make choices accordingly. Because they're tuned in to their own feelings, they're also better able to read other people's emotions. As a result, self-aware people tend to be more successful in relationships, both personal and professional.

TAKE CONTROL: A self-management certification will help you learn how to control your emotions, set boundaries, and stay calm under pressure. You'll be able to manage your own emotions better and relate to others more effectively.

BE MORE EMPATHETIC: If you’re looking to increase your emotional intelligence, certification in empathy and social awareness can help. With training, you can learn how to read people’s emotions and respond accordingly. This can be beneficial in both personal and professional relationships. In addition, knowing how to manage your own emotions can lead to a more positive outlook on life.

STRENGTHEN RELATIONSHIPS: A strong emotional intelligence can help you to better understand yourself and those around you, setting the foundation for long-term, meaningful relationships. You will learn practical strategies for developing and maintaining healthy relationships with the people who matter most to you.

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